Extreme-elementendurancecoaching.com is the new Ultra enduarnce coaching arm of JF multisportcoaching, while JF multi sport will continue to focus on Triathlon and shorter events, Extreme Element will be focusing on Ultra distance events, such as the Trans Alps Marathon de Sables, X-Man and so on. I have enjoyed lot's of success coaching including many age group National Champs, over the last few years I have also been working with lot's of Ultra endurance athletes, this has helped me develope and progress as an endurance coach.                     



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JF Multisport Coaching

JF Multisport Coaching is a proven quality coaching

company that focuses on the individual athlete

and their needs. Having coached many athletes to

GB level, coached 70.3 world champ qualifiers and

Kona qualifiers, we know what it takes for you to

achieve your goal.

Tri-Alps is the no. 1 French Alpine

training camps company, Based just outside

Chamonix, with beautiful open water, Tour de France

cycle routes and outstanding views to motivate,

these camps give you the confidence to go on

and achieve your goals.


Please feel free to look around the site or contact us if you have any questions or would like to organise a session.              


Jon Wins Sports Participation coach of the year for Wiltshire and Swindon,  http://www.britishtriathlon.org/news/article.php?id=10901


A Wilson, 2010 Clear Water 70.3 World Championships

"Jon provided me with a training plan that was not only tailored to my goals, but also took account of my lifestyle and work commitments. His coaching helped increase my confidence and enabled me to achieve more than I thought was possible. With Jon's help I completed my second Ironman 70.3 one and a half hours quicker than my first!"

 J Sutton age group triathlete:

“Jon’s training programme and expertise have created a huge improvement in my triathlon times.  After just 6 months my time for a Sprint Triathlon has gone from 2 hours to 1 and a half hours.”

Marie Kirton NZ age group athlete. 2011 

I approached Jon a little over a year ago as I was looking for someone to motivate me for my training before my next ironman race. I had previously done a few full and half ironman races but had lost that initial motivation and adrenaline rush that comes from completing those first few. Basically speaking, I needed a kick up the butt!

Jon was great and over coffee he set about getting as  much information from me as possible. What my goals were, how i train, what I currently did and who i was as a person. This helped a lot as the programme i received each week was tailored to my goals and what i wanted to achieve. Initially i had a lot of doubts, as  I  had followed various pieces of advice in the past on a whim ,  so I wasnt used to one person telling me what to do! I eventually gave way to the doubts and followed the  programme earnestly and it wasn't long before I felt improvements in my fitness and overall wellbeing from the sessions. I also attended a TriAlps training camp in France run by Jon , which gave me the opportunity to train and push myself alongside other dedicated athletes. Jon ran a fabulous camp and gave positive feedback throughout and at the end of the camp. I had  an  amazing  review  at the end  which helped boost my confidence and  combined with the specific training we had done, lifted my training to another level.  Six weeks later I completed my 3rd ironman and knocked just under an hour and a half from my previous time on the same course!  Fast forward  five  months later  and I competed in a qualifying race in NZ from which I was picked to represent my country  (NZ)  at   the  World  Long  Distance  Champs!  A huge leap from where I had come from and understandably I was totally blown away!   Even though I found it difficult to be coached from the other side of the world, Jon was still able to support me and provided a training programme to keep me going, which helped me keep up the training alongside a busy work and travel schedule.

After an intense 'off' season in NZ , i returned to the UK,  somewhat tired and lacklustre and again I reached out to Jon to help pull me back in to line. I attended another of his camps and here we were able to spend more time focusing on my strengths and weaknesses due to the smaller group. Jon helped reignite my training motivation and competitive spirit by pushing me and learning how I tick. This I found invaluable and again highlighted the importance of tailoring programmes to suit the individual.

Two  months after the camp I  did the UK  Ironman 70.3 race at Wimbleball.  Much to my surprise, I scooped up the 3rd place trophy for my age group and a qualifying slot for the  World  Champs  in Vegas ! 

Jon's support  leading up to the race and on the day itself,  was invaluable and helped keep me focused on the task at hand. His belief in my ability and passion for triathlon was amazing and really lifted my performance.  One of the hardest and best races to date! 

I am excited to work with Jon this year and  in  the future, as I know more and more of my goals will be reached and surpassed.  The best thing about it is knowing that anything is possible if you have the right plan, right goals and belief in your ability.


Jane Hartman-Jemmett Age group Triathlete 2011
At 6ft and weighing over 90kg I have an excellent physique for a Rugby second row. However injuries, and being a female aged 44 next birthday put paid to that a few years ago so guess what? Yes! I thought "let's continue to do mad terrifying things - I can swim & ride a bike, running not so hot (I was a club forward afterall) but let's give triathlon a go! Indeed if you look at any of Jon's pictures on the 2011 training camp I'm pretty easy to spot!
However, Jon & the team couldn't have been more helpful in getting me going & I discovered I could still achieve the feats I did in my twenties, granted a little slower, but with their help, advice and brilliant psych coaching I made it up hills that no-one (including me) thought I could do. I learnt how to pace myself to prevent injury, and learnt loads of great things about Tri I'd never even considered.
So if you're wondering if it's for you, look at the photos of me, the injuries I've done to myself (see picture) and think "if these guys got HER doing triathlon, what could I achieve with them?"


"Jon’s flexible, monthly schedules broke everything down into do-able, day-to-day workouts. They both motivate you out the door, and also stop you falling into the habit of just doing the same old thing over and over again, or continually putting things off and then suddenly overdoing it at the weekend.

I must have driven him nuts with all my, “What if…?”, questions, but he always managed to calmly assure and encourage me. Finally on race day itself, nerves were taken over by extreme excitement. I felt strangely at ease and strong, both mentally and physically. Jon’s words kept running through my head"







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